About the Gravy Boys

the gravy are a 5 piece band, phil sings, chillo plays guitar (loads of ‘em). jonny plays bass (a white one),winks is our soundman, but dreams of keyboard fame and mick plays a seedy see through drum kit. thats it! if you hoped to see some pics or read indepth made up stories about us, then you are either a very lonely person with no life and too much time on your hands or you have deep-seated psychological issues… if you are lonely we would recommend you join a speed dating club or take up salsa dancing to meet other people, or if you have mental issues we suggest you visit a qualified psychiatrist…. for god sake we are a bunch of forty-somethings, what could possibily be interesting about us!!!!!!!!!!

Shave us, and we just grow back longer…………..

Aint that the truth? Yes it is!!!!!!!!!!!